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Feedback Loop

Cox offers a feedback loop service for senders that would like to be informed when their mailings are marked as spam by the recipient. This service is intended for senders who are diligent about monitoring their mailings for abusive or otherwise unwanted content, and who will use this feedback to assist them in these efforts. When a recipient reports a message as spam to us, an ARF-compliant report will be generated and sent to the sender so that they may take corrective action.

Subscription Policy

Requests to subscribe to the feedback loop service can be submitted at The requester must be the owner or responsible party of the IP addresses and/or domain being submitted. Requests will be processed based on the ReturnPath Sender Score of the IP or range being submitted and are subject to the following criteria:

  1. An IP or range with a SenderScore of 60 or higher will be approved.
  2. An IP or range with a SenderScore between 30 and 60 may be approved if not listed on any RBLs.
  3. A score of less than 30, or no score due to not enough traffic from the IP, will be denied.

The requester should receive an approval or denial notification within 7 days.

If a subscription request is approved, the requester agrees to use these reports in order to reduce the amount of unwanted messages being sent. Cox reserves the right to terminate subscriptions to the feedback loop service in its sole discretion. If a subscription is terminated, the requestor will be notified. Feedback loop reports are monitored, and senders generating consistently high volumes of spam reports will be contacted.

Approval of a request does not mean that the requested IPs will be whitelisted or granted any other preferential treatment.

Cox reserves the right to change the approval criteria and/or cancel the feedback loop service for any reason without notice.

Why am I being blocked?

The error message that was displayed at the time of the block contains information regarding the reason. . More details about the various error messages can be found in the Error Codes section.

Can I get unblocked?

This depends on the reason for the block. The details of the error you encountered are found in the Error Codes section, which contains information on how to request a block be lifted.

Can I be whitelisted?

Protection of our customers and network is paramount. Therefore, we do not whitelist.

Does Cox offer a Feedback Loop?

Yes. See the Feedback Loop section here.

What are Cox's sending limits?

Cox currently allows up to 5 simultaneous connections per sending IP address, and up to 100 messages per connection. However, regardless of these limits, Cox may throttle your sending ability based on your sender reputation. Cox's sending limits and policies are subject to change at any time. Cox will update this website when changes are made.

How do I report abuse?

Please find instructions on how to report abuse here.

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